Inspired by a dream



Dialing, dialing
  can't get through

Frustration follows

The word "Success"
  encircles a luminous phone

Drifting deeper

an artist renders a moving panorama

Of classroom chairs

awaiting their occupants

In color coded rows


each row its own section,

  like countries on a map

A prearranged spectrum of color

  draping an eternal landscape

Architecturally, artistically designed

  to teach rudiments of the Dream

A second sequence


a mist-enshrouded tree of wisdom

This painter’s vision of Spring

  its quiet splendor opening to

Willowy wisps and red juniper berries


matching her own vernal dreamscape

Of mystical, magical hoary-white branches

  berries all but faded

The anonymous artist unfolds a perpetual tableau

  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

He jibes with her junk poems


Offended, her writing must be trash

Associative alliteration, a continuum


taught through the image of

    classroom chairs

changing seasons


junk poetry

Junk poetry, the details of a dream


not debris, nor waste, but parts of an unbroken whole

Awaiting an answer


silence lifts; her call is returned

She awakens to

  Juniper, a symbol of longevity

juniper berries that ripen in three years

  juniper berries, a shade of Lavender.

Inconceivably infinite

  the space-time of color, the changing seasons.

This is her Dream.

That is her story

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