Judy. B. Gardiner 


ABSTRACT: OneiromanticsTM—the symbolic language of dreams—involves a process of decoding and classifying dream imagery appearing in an entangled state. Oneiromantics, generated in a dream series, enfolded a body of scientific data which exceeded the dreamer’s waking knowledge. The series of dreams spanning over two decades of study and translation were based on Intuitive Logic, the author’s practice for unifying conceptual representations of mind and matter.  

Formed within the subconscious structure of visual associative recognition memory, the practice of Intuitive Logic yields a web of interrelated associations germane to aspects of David Bohm’s Implicate Order. From the perspective of Bohm’s quantum interconnectedness, this study consists of synergistic aspects of dreams and waking relevant to constructing the “whole.” Bohm’s implicate order of wholeness, illustrated in this study as a Collective Unconscious network, includes geological insights and Claudius Galen’s pneumatic theory on visual perception. 

The hard problem of consciousness emerges, concluding in Complex Systems that integrate mental and physical functions within dreaming and waking consciousness.  

The study explores the nature of consciousness as derived from the application of intuitive logic—which is a possible aspect of quantum cognition. The quantum implications of multiple symbols in the overall dream series transcended the author’s waking knowledge. The precision of certain images and their correlation to actual scientifically recorded events may serve as a catalyst to experts in those areas.  

KEYWORDS: Ancestral memory; Bohm; Collective unconscious; Complex systems; Dreaming consciousness; Claudius Galen; Intuitive logic; Oneiromantics; Optics; Phenomenology; Qualia; Quantum cognition; Quantum paradigm; Retrocausality; Visual associative recognition memory 

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