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An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit 
by Judy B. Gardiner

Inspired by a True Story
Introduction by Montague Ullman, M.D.

Dreams – the swirling fragments of dreams – have fascinated mankind for centuries.

LAVENDER ~ An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit, weaves strands from dreams into ropes of reality, uncovering truths the dreamer should never logically be able to know. An odyssey of discovery, it reveals deeply held secrets of the universe and its infinite realms. At its core is the essence of spirituality and trust in a higher power

Following the quest of an unschooled, unscientific and unexpected vehicle for truths from other planes, Lavender sets out to unravel the Cosmic Dream, the courier of a universal message which takes its readers deep into the unknown strata of mind and earth. In this unprecedented adventure story, the detective work of protagonist, Penelope Peacock, calls on readers to investigate the mysterious clues, puns, and symbols embedded in our dreams in an attempt to solve a monolithic puzzle.

Shifting images in Penelope’s dream kaleidoscope reveal complex patterns as she struggles to piece together their multiple reflections. Mining the quarry of her unconscious, she excavates dream fragments of optics, geology, chemistry and physics. Surprise engulfs her at every turn as synchronous messages during her waking hours connect to her dreams unleashing an irrepressible curiosity and passion that guides her to underlying truths and insights. Anyone challenged by a puzzle will begin to recognize the linkages and fit the pieces together.
LAVENDER reveals life-threatening danger scrupulously crafted by the Dream. Its underlying theme presents a choice between healing the planet or ignoring Penelope's message to our potential demise. Revelations build as hundreds of threads connect to reveal the tapestry that is this young woman's life, and the world's story. Penelope’s insights stir a profound realization that cosmic dreaming, hardwired in all of us, confronts our challenges as individuals and as a species. Rooted in hope, this compelling journey is an eye-opening call-to-action.

The reader is reminded to "Be patient. You will learn everything you need to know," as thread by thread, countless strands knit together to become a whole cloth. Findings otherwise unseen by the waking eye and, even, by 21st century technology are unveiled in Penelope's dreams and demonstrate that innate knowledge guided by spirituality has the potential to reveal science. David Bohm's quantum theory of an underlying cosmic unity comes to life as aspects of fragmentation, timelessness, interconnectedness and wholeness are actualized. Penelope's Mission, led by divinely inspired tutors, is charged with mystery and suspense. Neither science fiction nor earthbound whodunit, Lavender is a Who-Sent-It cosmological conundrum with outcomes supported by today's headlines.

Lavender’s objective is to provide the lay person and scientific research with a template of the connectivity and timelessness of the universe as seen through the dream. In this flow of consciousness, mind and matter are not separate but rather different aspects of the whole, reminding us that we are members of a single species and have a role to play in its survival.

This study in consciousness spans nearly two decades in the life of Judy B. Gardiner and hundreds of dreams interwoven with inexplicable phenomena.

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